Infused Jamaican Ginger Rum

There is a list of requirements when enjoying an Jamaican Ginger Rum.  Number One: must have at least one companion, the more the merrier. Number Two: Reggae music perhaps Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley ect. Number Three: a real good time.

This is a rum infusion that will take you back to the beach on Negril. The feel of sand between the toes and and a cool breeze.  I start with a 1.75 liter of cheap white rum and a sun tea jug. Slice up a fresh pineapple-several cinnamon sticks-one vanilla bean-a whole nutmeg-slice up some ginger root-a couple cloves and place in the refrigerator for at least three weeks. After like 11 days give the rum a sample, adjust recipe from there, maybe freshen up the pineapple or add a cinnamon stick. 

Since my friend Bob introduced me to this drink there is usually always a rum stewing in my refrigerator. Once you are ready with the rum. Get your favorite glass of ice add ginger ale, splash of coke and a dash of bitters-enjoy.  

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