Meat and Cheese Bouquet for your Man

What do we get him for his birthday?  This was the question the other day; he doesn’t like cake, dessert, sweets or even carbs for that matter.  What can we do to celebrate? How many times have we asked this same question for a lot of holidays.  Well, I know he likes meat and cheese.  How about some meat and cheese sticks?

That was the plan, the next morning Karla comes to the studio with all the goodies.  She brought: salami, cheese, olives, beef sticks, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and green onions.  Karla Spies is a food stylist here in Minneapolis and this is her creation;  The Manly Meat and Cheese Arrangement.  What guy (or gal) would not love to receive one of these?   Karla went to work in the kitchen, and as you can see she did go over the top and made these beautiful meat flowers.

We are now working out our business plan. So let me know if you would like to order a meat and cheese bouquet for your special someone. We are also taking suggestion on what to name our meat and cheese flowers. Please submit your suggetions:)

Thanks and have a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “Meat and Cheese Bouquet for your Man

      • Do you have pricing setup for these? Id love to know whareyou charge..if you ate selling them yet.

      • Hi–Thanks- they are pretty cool– I’ve been talking to the food stylist and we are not even close- trying to come up with a name for a booth- or perhaps it’s just a dream. For know you will have to make your own meat boquets-

        thanks alot for the interest robin lietz

      • I have family in MN and it’s a neat concept, thought it might be cool to get for them or to show them if they want to order for friends etc as gifts.

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