Big River Pizza at the Fulton Farmers Market

I officially started my farmers market season this past weekend. Tho this is a late start for me, I usual buy my plants for the garden from the farmers market.  My goal this summer is to expand my farmers market horizons and try out some new locations.  I started with the Fulton Farmers Market at 4901 Chowen Ave South it’s open every saturday till 1pm.

My friends wood burning pizza oven, is what got me over to the market and I’m glad I did. “Big River Pizza is a hand-craft artisan Neapolitan-style pizzas using local, fresh, regional and organic ingredients wherever possible.” Steve Lott is from chicago so he has a pretty good pizza heritage.  He uses a lot of his ingredients sourced from the fellow vendors at the Fulton Farmers Market, so it’s local and organic.  The tomato sauce is handmade from organic tomatoes. The chewy hand tossed crust, well one bite will tell it all.

breakfast menu-Lil Red Rooster. It had bacon and egg on the pizza which came from the Sunshine Harvest Farm vendor at the Fulton Farmers Market. It was fantastic, fresh tasting ingredients and awesome crust. With the sunny side up egg just how I like it. I think this might become a regular saturday stop.

The Fulton Farmers Market is a nice quaint size with that home town neighborhood vibe. Lots of great food, bakery, produce, delicious coffee and flowers to shop.

I wanted to leave with this cool sign – When will the vegetable be here?

Latin Street Food

This saturday we went to hang out in the Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery. Where Jeremy Messersmith and Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles performed a benefit concert to restore the cemetery’s 1928 steel fence. It felt great to soak up the warm autumn sun and listen to some really good music. Close to the eve of Halloween, Jeremy played his entire album from “The Reluctant Graveyard”. It was all meshing together. There was the Hola Arepa food truck serving some Latin cuisine. They specialize in Venezuelan stuffed arepas. What is an arepa? It’s a cornmeal patty cooked on the grilled and stuffed with goodness. They have local and sustainable ingredients :black bean, pulled pork and pulled chicken. I had the black bean with tomatoes, picked cabbage and lots of house made salsa. The bright pink cabbage was very pretty in pink. It was tasty, I did like the corn meal arepa, a light corn bread sandwich. Good bargain I would like to go again and try some of the meats. I guess I will have to go to the website and find the next location.