Pineapple Infused Martini

pineappleMartini64pineappleMartini74jarTo wrap up my summer infusion tour, I made a classic pineapple infused vodka.  I just like to call it a classic because it really is the best flavor to start your infusion journey and one you will return to often.  Chop up a fresh whole pineapple put in a jar with a liter of vodka and place in your refrigerator. Give it a shake every couple of days, I like to let it infuse for at least two weeks. Remove the pineapple and either squeeze it through a potato ricer or a piece of cheese cloth. Squeeze all the pineapple juice back into the infused vodka, keeps all that pineapple juice. Then if you like shake the vodka with some ice and strain into martini glass-Enjoy.   It’s that simple and delicious. There is a bar in Minneapolis that always has a large vat infusing on the bar, but they have a rule you are only allowed to have two pineapple martini’s.  Probably from experience they limit the pineapple goodness, and a cautionary tale for yourself.


Infused Cucumber Lemon Grass Vodka

This past summer I picked some cucumbers and lemon grass out of my vegetable garden and infused it with some vodka.  The first drink that came to mind was a Bloody Mary.

I am a Bloody Mary fan and normally I go for the spicy meaty bloody mary with the beef stick garnish. The cucumber lemon grass vodka gave the Bloody Mary a new refreshing right out of the garden flavor.  I have since been keeping my eyes out for cucumber vodka cocktail ideas and as usually once you are looking for something it seems to keep popping up all over.  In magazines and drink menus all over town.

“Invented by bartender Fernand Petiot at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris in the 1920s, the bloody mary began as a simple blend of vodka and tomato juice. Petiot brought it with him when he returned to the States, added the drink’s signature spiciness, and since then it has soared in popularity, spawning numerous variations.”

Of course one of the best things about the bloody mary is all the many garnish ideas one can come up with.  Makes for a meal of it’s own.

If you are in a pinch the best bloody mary mix is Zing Zang.

Here is another drink recipe idea:

RIPSAW…. muddled mint–cucumber lemon grass vodka–fresh lime juice–and soda on                                       the rocks

Enjoy in moderation:)