Olive Oil Brown Sugar moisturizer

ob 6321Last winter I received this olive oil mixture as a gift, at first I was scarred to try it. It seamed messy and suspicious. It took someone else to try it out first on her hands, she gave it a good review. So I gave it a try rubbing it on my hands, yea it’s nice. It exfoliates and leaves your hands silky smooth. It’s good to keep in the shower and use on your legs, really never felt so smooth-ok maybe TMI.

It’s about 50/50 brown sugar and olive oil and then add a couple drops of lavender oil, just to make it smell nice. ┬áThat’s all and everyone can find it in their cupboard. I’ve read on-line people use it on their faces, but I’m not going there seems like too much oil. This is a great mixture for those winter months.