Good Morning Iced Coffee

Let’s just start with one of my biggest vices, I can’t start the day without an extra large cup of coffee. No good conversation or clear thought will be had until I have had a sip of my coffee.  As I mentioned before it has been a very hot and humid summer, seems we are all enjoying some global warming across the country. So my new favorite habit is as an Iced Coffee.

While flipping threw an issue of Martha Stewart, I came across a great tip.  Take an ice cube tray and freeze your left over coffee. Martha’s recipe is to take the ice with some cream a little sugar and blend it up in a blender- Oh yes, it is delicious.

But that is too many calories for me every morning.  The coffee ritual begins the night before with making a pot of cold press coffee in my french press. I just leave the press in the frig till morning and then add some coffee ice cubes.  Fill up the travel mug and drive to the studio.

There is no such thing as strong coffee, just weak coffee drinkers.

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