Pesto Rubbed Chicken

It’s always one of my favorite time of the garden harvest when I chop down the basil and make my first batch of pesto. The balance of flavors tastes good simply on it’s own. I slather everything with pesto, can’t seem to get enough. The Pesto Smear on a slice of toasted french bread with a Roma tomato on top. Yum

I’ve read the sequence of ingredients matters when mixing the pesto.  Begin with garlic then add pine nuts, then basil, then course sea salt. After a few minutes of mixing then stream in the olive oil, until sauce becomes silky. The cheese is last, it gives it body and creaminess. Every Pesto is unique as it’s creator.

Classic Basil Pesto

4 cups basil– 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil–1/2 cup Parmesan–1/4 cup toasted pine nuts– 2 garlic gloves– coarse sea salt

Pesto Rubbed Chicken

Spread pesto between the chicken skin- Place chicken skin side down on grill and cook-turn chicken and spread pesto on top of the chicken.  Serve with a salad. Enjoy

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