Egg Potato Pie for Brunch

Hosting a brunch I always look for a one dish recipe. I like the egg bakes with the potatoes, cheese and eggs all baked together in one dish. So when I saw this recipe I had to try it, if not just for the pretty puff pastry and egg on top of the dish. You just layer up all the ingredients and crack the whole eggs on top and pop in the oven. The first time I made it the potatoes were slightly under cooked, so the second attempt I pre-cooked them for about seven minutes in the microwave. I’ve had one comment that it would be good served with some hollandaise sauce on it, sounds tasty to me, just add a few hundred calories. Never made a hollandaise sauce, perhaps next time. It’s a very pretty egg potato pie, serve with a fruit salad and a glass of mimosa. cheers


recipe from sweet paul magazine

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