Danish Aebleskiver – pancake balls


Danish Aebleskiver is a traditional Danish pancake that you need a special aebleskiver pan to make.  I would have never come across these perfect little dough balls had it not been for a food stylist I work with Karla.  Karla brought the aebleskiver pan into the studio along with the Pat Sinclair “Scandinavian classic Baking” cookbook and started making us some pancake balls.  It looked so interesting I had to document her baking extravaganza.  The process of making the batter is a lot of whipping and whisking, the batter is a fluffy dense texture. Then Karla started dolloping the batter into the pan and little beautiful dough balls started popping out.  She was dropping a blueberry in the center of each ball. After dropping the batter in the pan, wait a minute or tow for the dough to rise up a little and then drop whatever your filling may be. That’s the fun creative part,  you can experiment with all sorts of combinations.  Karla made her pancake balls at home with apple and bacon inside. We tested some chocolate-pretty good.  We did all agree the batter could have used some more sugar. But was pretty tasty with maple syrup on them, the recipe calls for applesauce as a side.   The cookbook looked really great with lots of pictures and tasty recipes, Pat Sinclair is a local Mpls MN recipe developer and has a blog spot.


I did enjoy the Aebleskiver pancake balls, not enough to go out and buy myself a Aebleskiver pan. But am more then willing to eat some more pancake balls if they should come my way again.


Orange Marmalade

I am normally not a marmalade fan, but when Doug gave me a jar of homemade orange marmalade that all changed.  The first spoon full had chunks of oranges and rind pieces all mixed together. The first bite was packed with a big orange flavor. It had a sweet and bitter combination of the crunchy rinds. I pondered what can I use this with, my first try was some shortbread cookies, delicious. My next experiment my be something savory like some orange marmalade on a grilled chicken breast- sounds pretty good.  The marmalade was so beautiful glistening in the sun, I had to grab my camera and set a few pictures. I didn’t know orange marmalade could be so inspirational.Seeing Orange…this was a series of images I shot for a client

and some blueberry jam, 

Egg Potato Pie for Brunch

Hosting a brunch I always look for a one dish recipe. I like the egg bakes with the potatoes, cheese and eggs all baked together in one dish. So when I saw this recipe I had to try it, if not just for the pretty puff pastry and egg on top of the dish. You just layer up all the ingredients and crack the whole eggs on top and pop in the oven. The first time I made it the potatoes were slightly under cooked, so the second attempt I pre-cooked them for about seven minutes in the microwave. I’ve had one comment that it would be good served with some hollandaise sauce on it, sounds tasty to me, just add a few hundred calories. Never made a hollandaise sauce, perhaps next time. It’s a very pretty egg potato pie, serve with a fruit salad and a glass of mimosa. cheers


recipe from sweet paul magazine