Spicy Dark Chocolate Bacon Popcorn

Fresh popped popcorn is always a good snack or dinner.  I had a roommate in college who used to make peanut butter popcorn, ooo that was good. Till she went on a diet and we didn’t have much peanut butter popcorn after that.  This recipe is in honor of the good old days, before the freshmen 10 lbs; that still won’t go away.

What could be better than chocolate and bacon on your favorite snack.

There is a local movie theater that serves bacon popcorn. -sounds interesting- A tip I learned from a friend;  next time you’re at the movies order some junior mints with your popcorn, and mix the junior mints in with your popcorn..mmmmmm

I think this recipe is worthy a try if you like to experiment with your popcorn.

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