Hmong Chicken Laab

The first time I tasted Chicken Laab it was made in the kitchen by the author of the Cook Book.  I was immediately addicted,  I had never tasted anything with so much flavor and fresh tasting. Chicken Laab is eaten like a lettuce wrap, the best lettuce wrap you have ever tasted.

Cooking from the Heart  The Hmong Kitchen in America

Authors: Sami Scripter and Sheng Yang
I had the honor of shooting the food photography for this cookbook. It was a cultural experience, from shopping at the Hmong market in St. Paul to having the food prepared in the kitchen and hearing all the history and family tradition behind each recipe. I got to try alot of new things and one of my favorites is the chicken Laab lettuce wraps.
I used fresh ground chicken at the grocery store and lots of herbs.  This is a great fresh summer recipe.  Packed with lots of flavor, light and no fat. All the herbs and fresh citrus juices is an amazing combination. It is a regular dish at my house this summer.
We worked with a food stylist and a prop stylist who pulled alot of the dishes, linens and backgrounds. And then we got to play on set the idea food photography job. Here are some of the samples from the book.
Please check out alot more great information on the book and the authors at their web site

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