Indian Pickle Sauce

Indian Pickle is a traditional style sauce. “Spicy pickles are very important item in Indian meal. Pickles enhances the tastes of the meal and increases the satisfaction after every meal. Pickles are easy to prepare with right ingredients and can be preserved for months.”

There are a lot of varieties of pickles this is a tomato, onion with chili peppers. I received this recipe from Jake, he had some samples for me to try and one bite and I had to have the recipe. Which he promptly supplied, he told me the brand of the curry he used and I followed his instructions to a tee.  Words of advice from Jake, ”

Pickles and water are mortal Enemies

When you are making Indian style pickles, be aware that water is the enemy of good pickles. Water allows mold to grow in the jar and gets things nasty. Make sure that you have absolutely no water in the jars that you store your pickles in. When my mother would store pickles, she would put a sheet of plastic over the mouth of the jar(a zip top bag works really well) before closing the lid tightly. Then, every time one of us would dig into the jar , we would make sure to use a clean, dry spoon ONLY. Then when closing the jar, the plastic was replaced and the jar was kept in a cool, dry place at all times. (Kathryn’s note: we’ve kept ours in the pantry cupboard in our kitchen for the better part of a year.)”

The type of peppers and the curry spice you use will make a big difference in the flavor. Jake suggested to use: Shan brand Achar Gosht curry. 

 This sauce will become a regular at my house. The next combo platter I’m thinking, lentils with steamed spinach and some Indian Sauce.  Enjoy

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