The Northern Heartland Kitchen cookbook

I got one of those dream assignments, shoot the cover of Beth Dooley’s new cookbook. The theme of the cookbook is northern harvest. The publisher wanted Kale and to have the feeling of a bountiful harvest.   I shoot a series of images and submit them to the publisher and hope they will like one of them.  Kale is a tricky subject to make look fresh and appetizing, it is so dark and moody. But in an interview, Beth Dooley is a big fan  “Beth: Kale! Kale! Kale will save the world!  Kale is good for your health, it grows everywhere, it’s hardy, and it actually returns nutrients to the soil instead of depleting the soil. I learned about it from Atina Diffley of Gardens of Eagan. She’s a huge proponent of kale.”  Perhaps I should rethink how I feel about Kale.

The Northern Heartland Kitchen is a cookbook  about cooking local, seasonal food. The recipes are organized by season, with what is ready to harvest from the garden or shop at the local farmers market.  There’s info on pickling and preserving food.

There is a good review of several of the recipe’s on the Heavy Table web site-

It is a great cookbook for cooking local seasonal food and staying healthy with more vegies. There are several recipes I need to try before the summer season is over- the next on the list is a watermelon gazpacho.

Here are some out-takes from the photo shoot for the cover shot of the cookbook.  

Town Hall Brewery Tour

The best Brew Pub in Minneapolis and St.Paul is Town Hall Brewery. They have a great selection of delicious beers they brew at the brew pub located in seven corners Minneapolis. The Masala Mama Indian Pale ale is always a growler of choice to bring home.  I didn’t come to appreciate beer till I was older and the keg parties of my college years were long over. A friend of mine let me try some of his home-brew, I then discovered there is such a thing as good beer. Now there are so many great brew pubs and beer it’s hard to decide what to buy.  But for me I will vote for Town Hall Brew Pub in my home town.

They have a brew tour once a month, well worth the seven dollars. You get a pint of beer to start the tour to sip while Andrew our tour guide fills your head with lots terminology.  You could tell he had a lot of knowledge to share with us in a short amount of time. It was a lot of information, I could take that tour over and over again, not just for the interesting tid bits but all the tasty samples.  Of course the fun part was going down into the basement and smelling the different hops and barley and all the samples of beer they brew. Each week they seem to have a new infused beer to try along with their five regulars on tap. Once you give it a try you will want to come back.  Cheers