Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookie Bar


I had to share this salted Caramel chocolate chip bar with you.  It is so sick, we were making them in the studio and I could not stop snacking on them till I felt sick. But it is worth it. This bar is a chocolate cookie salty sweet gooey goodness.  And easy to make with the quick Caramel microwave instructions.



this recipe comes from Brown Eyed Baker

photo stylist Barb Standal

mmmmmm enjoy


Chocolate Chip Cookies

CCCookiedoughspoon stackofCCI was looking for a recipe for some valentine cookies. I liked the idea of using blocks of chocolate and chopping it up into chunks, adding more chocolate goodness.  I halved the recipe and the cookies came out pretty tasty.  Tho truth be told I prefer to eat the raw cookie dough straight up.recipecookiesheetcookiebroken cookiecrackcookieStack193cookieStack166