ceviche 54I can’t eat Ceviche without being transported back to ocean side on the beach. Has to be one of my favorites places to be.  I tried ceviche for the first time on some tropical Island and I was hooked, ordering it on every menu it was listed.  It is so light and flavorful, can’t get enough of the fresh lime juice.  A friend of mine served his homemade ceviche at a BBQ, that bowl of ceviche was gone in minutes.  He served it with slices of avocado, tomatoes and tortilla chips to pile it all on top.  You can make it with several different types of fish-tuna, red snapper,monkfish, shrimp or swordfish.  The fish is cooked in the citrus juice an acidic marinade, which takes at least 8 hours or overnight.  A light fresh appetizer or as your main entree-yum.


recipe from epicuriuos

Edamame Sweet Pea Dip


Edamame Sweet Pea Dip

It’s snowing outside in mid february and all I can think about is spring.  I have a craving for something fresh and green.  I heard about this sweet pea dip that sounded interesting, there are a lot of versions you will find, most of them with garlic mint and parmesan cheese. This one sounded good to me and low-calorie.  I mixed half edamame peas and half sweet peas, we really liked the combination. The Edamame gives it the rich base layer and the sweet peas give it some sweetness. It does have a very nice fresh flavor, thoughts of fresh spring peas in the garden.  Happy dipping

recipesweetpeaDip 34

Sweet and Savory Meatball Cone

food stylist: Maggie Stopera     http://maggiethefoodstylist.com

We decided to have some fun and do something out of the box.  I will not take all the credit for this one, it has been a collaboration of me and the food stylist.  We thought about something sweet, ice cream treat. And ended up with a meatball cone.  We decided to make all different flavors of meatballs, a veggie Quinoa bulgur with black beans, hamburger with wild rice and spam with jalapeno.  They were all pretty tasty and I included some recipes you can try out.  If you really want to impress your guests or family try serving them in a cone.

Bon Appetite

Spicy Dark Chocolate Bacon Popcorn

Fresh popped popcorn is always a good snack or dinner.  I had a roommate in college who used to make peanut butter popcorn, ooo that was good. Till she went on a diet and we didn’t have much peanut butter popcorn after that.  This recipe is in honor of the good old days, before the freshmen 10 lbs; that still won’t go away.

What could be better than chocolate and bacon on your favorite snack.

There is a local movie theater that serves bacon popcorn. -sounds interesting- A tip I learned from a friend;  next time you’re at the movies order some junior mints with your popcorn, and mix the junior mints in with your popcorn..mmmmmm

I think this recipe is worthy a try if you like to experiment with your popcorn.

Meat and Cheese Bouquet for your Man

What do we get him for his birthday?  This was the question the other day; he doesn’t like cake, dessert, sweets or even carbs for that matter.  What can we do to celebrate? How many times have we asked this same question for a lot of holidays.  Well, I know he likes meat and cheese.  How about some meat and cheese sticks?

That was the plan, the next morning Karla comes to the studio with all the goodies.  She brought: salami, cheese, olives, beef sticks, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and green onions.  Karla Spies is a food stylist here in Minneapolis and this is her creation;  The Manly Meat and Cheese Arrangement.  What guy (or gal) would not love to receive one of these?   Karla went to work in the kitchen, and as you can see she did go over the top and made these beautiful meat flowers.

We are now working out our business plan. So let me know if you would like to order a meat and cheese bouquet for your special someone. We are also taking suggestion on what to name our meat and cheese flowers. Please submit your suggetions:)

Thanks and have a great weekend.